This Guide aims to become one of the best sources of useful examples, tools and practical advice about how UK public sector organisations can engage online.

Part bookmark collection, part reference manual, part Q&A site, it’s a place to get inspiration, shortcuts and answers.¬†Rather than try and build another new community from scratch, it’s starting out a content-led project, actively tended by Steph Gray and invited friends.

digitalgovukIts origins are in a tool called Digitalgovuk which Steph developed in 2008, using the Delicious bookmarking tool to curate a collection of tagged examples of social media in the public sector. It’s 2012, and we can be a bit smarter now, hopefully.

The Digital Engagement Guide is funded entirely by Helpful Technology and takes no advertising or sponsorship (for the moment, at least).

If you have comments, feedback or queries, please email Steph at hello@pentri.com

Gov 2.0 Radio

I was interviewed by Allison Hornery of gov2.0radio in April 2012 about the background to this guide, and my (rambling) thoughts on digital engagement in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you decide what to feature on this site?
    We try and highlight interesting examples, ideally ones which were successful in some way, or provide a good illustration of how to use a particular tool or technique.
  2. How do you make money from this?
    This project isn’t intended to make money necessarily. It’s supported by revenues from the other work I do.
  3. Could you feature my service/project here?
    Potentially, if there’s an interesting example of public sector use of it for digital engagement. Use our contribution mechanism to propose it.