Consultation on improving motorcycle training


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DVSA’s 6-week consultation on proposals to improve motorcycle training become their consultation with the highest proportion of mobile and tablet views ever.

The consultation was about 9 main proposals to improve how training works for moped and motorcycle riders.

We received over 2,200 responses to the consultation, and our policy colleagues are now busy analysing the responses. The most recent comparable consultation on this topic received 350 responses.

Here are the top things we’re going to take away from this:

– mobile users will engage with us when we make the experience for them respectful – so we must publish consultation documents as web pages
– having a consistent visual language to refer to individual proposals in a consultation helps to tie things together across different platforms
– we should make better use of those ‘icons’ for individual proposals on social media, rather than just sharing a single graphic showing icons for all proposals
– square videos grab attention, which can lead to more shares, and more engagement with the consultation

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