10 year-old quizzes NHS bosses

Visit: http://www.thurrockccg.nhs.uk/news/1943-10-year-olds-quiz-nhs-bosses-on-the-stp

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Engaging use of the video interview format to make NHS strategy changes accessible to a wide audience:

As we enter the next phase of consultation on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for our local NHS offer in mid and south Essex, Healthwatch Essex have asked a 10 year old girl ‘Healthwatch Harriet’ to quiz NHS bosses on what STP means and what is involved.

Mandy Ansell, Accountable Officer at Thurrock CCG said:

“All of us are guilty of talking about things in ways that make it hard for the person on the street to understand. Well done Healthwatch Essex, we thought this was a great way to explain things simply. We will be holding a public engagement event with Healthwatch Thurrock in March to talk about the re-organising of hospital services in mid and south Essex. Keep following our site for future updates and to book on to our workshops.”

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