How the White House Has Engaged With the American People Online


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Nice round-up and examples from one of the historic government uses of social media and digital:

The White House has always been considered the “People’s House.” Throughout our history, this has meant opening the doors to people from all 50 states and around the world. The digital age brings new meaning to the term. When President Obama first announced his candidacy in 2007, the iPhone hadn’t yet been released. Twitter and Facebook were just finding their footing. Snapchat and Instagram didn’t exist, and virtual reality awaited its popular breakthrough. As technology has evolved over the past eight years, the Office of Digital Strategy has used digital tools to find new ways to engage more people than ever before—from sharing the events, sights and sounds of the White House to hosting conversations on the issues and policies that Americans care about most.

Since day one, President Obama has always worked to make 1600 Pennsylvania and this Administration as open and accessible as possible, to keep pace with the changing ways we connect with each other, and to invite the American public to be a part of his Presidency, reaching people where the conversation is already happening online.

In the final days of the Obama Presidency, take a look back at some of our favorite digital moments.

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