What’s in the Basket of Goods? 80 years of shopping history

Visit: http://visual.ons.gov.uk/whats-in-the-basket-of-goods-80-years-of-shopping-history/

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The Visual.ONS site is full of interesting visualisations and interactive stories based on National Statistics. Here’s a neat timeline showing how the ‘basket’ of goods used to track inflation has changed over time:

For eight decades the Office for National Statistics has been using a notional ‘Basket of Goods and Services’ to help measure the rising and falling cost of products and services over time, known as consumer price inflation.

This ‘shopping basket’ contains hundreds of goods and services, with some items taken out of the basket and some brought in to make sure the measures are up to date and representative of consumer spending patterns.

Explore the history of the basket below. Some basket data is missing, so we have only been able to estimate when an item was excluded from the list.

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