Business Secretary’s speech to #EEF2016


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Ministerial speeches are pretty dry, and the presentation on GOV.UK isn’t the most engaging. Here’s a nice example of using a storytelling tool – Shorthand Social – to pull out interesting quotes, infographics and images to bring the key points of a speech to life:

On 24th February Sajid Javid the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills spoke about the future of British manufacturing at the EEF Annual Conference 2016. Scroll through the images to learn why UK manufacturing is great and how government will support businesses with a broadband review.

“A new car rolls of a British production line every 20 seconds with 80 per cent destined for export. The world flies in British-built planes and drives British-built cars. And as I never get bored of pointing out, the Australians are throwing British-made boomerangs.”

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