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Nice use of the Tumblr blogging platform to showcase individuals working in the creative industries and bring the different career paths to life in a way that a dry case study never could

I’m Erin Hills and I am currently working at the Royal Opera House as an apprentice in the Wigs & Make-up department.

There are many weird and wonderful characters in this production and I have been working on the Frog as one plot in the corps de ballet boy’s room. I’ve also been working on the four hedgehogs who are either danced by Royal Ballet School students or dancers who are on the Junior Associate Programme with the Company. The hedgehogs wear hedgehog costumes and I do a little bit of makeup for them all and stick a little hedgehog nose on them, they’re such a polite little group of boys. My plot varies each show which is great getting to know different aspects of how a show runs for our team and just how fast paced it can be.

When working on the Frog I have a quick change to do each show. It is not quite as pushed as the white rabbit’s transformation, but still very nerve wracking my first time. I only have 6 minutes and in this time I have the pre-dressed wig to pin securely, the moustache to glue in place and then pin this into the wig. Luckily the boys are all very good at doing their own make up and really enjoy having something different like the frog to do, so that’s a big help when you’re both rushing & there’s also a costume change to do!

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