Higher Education Funding – National Assembly hosts web-chat with students

Visit: https://nationalassemblyforwales.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/higher-education-funding-national-assembly-hosts-web-chat-with-students/

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The National Assembly for Wales hosted a web chat with students, using Google Hangouts, to gather the views of students about Higher Education Funding. This accompanied an online survey and consultation.

The Assembly’s Finance Committee is currently looking into the issue of tuition fees and higher education finance in Wales. As part of the Committee’s Inquiry the Outreach team promoted a survey for students and organised a web-chat.

The survey asked Welsh students studying at universities in Wales and within 100 miles of the English borders for their thoughts on higher education funding. This included the financial considerations they make before heading to university, the impact of increased tuition fees in England, and the effects of the Welsh Government’s tuition fee grant.
In total over 1300 survey responses were received from students across England and Wales.

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