What works well: School Food Plan

Visit: http://whatworkswell.schoolfoodplan.com/

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Interesting collaborative hub for knowledge-sharing examples and tips around better school catering:

The School Food Plan, published by the Department for Education in July 2013, set out a range of actions to be implemented across policy and the wider sector, with the aim of improving food in schools. Today sees the launch of the School Food Plan action to set up dedicated website to share What Works Well.

What Works Well brings together the best ideas in school food and showcases what we can all do to create a great school food culture.

The website will be regularly updated, and filled with case studies, top tips, and practical advice on how to make school food great. Topics range from recipes to ideas for cross-curricular activities and the role of sustainable sourcing. Head teachers, governors, cooks, and caterers will be able to share their first hand stories with each other through the website.

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