We are #BuildingBritain

Visit: http://wearebuildingbritain.tumblr.com/

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Nice use of Tumblr, a flexible blogging platform, to showcase teams and businesses around the UK who are physically ‘building Britain’. Featuring real people, and making it an open process to contribute around a hashtag (promising only to highlight ‘the best’ pictures), keeps expectations clear and the scope manageable:

Jobs and growth are being created by Britain’s manufacturers and constructors. From micro-electronics to major infrastructure projects, exciting schemes are bringing massive benefits to the economy.

To join in the celebration tweet about the projects that are exciting you – both big and small – using the hashtag #BuildingBritain. And if you are currently building or making Britain yourself, take a picture with a “We are #BuildingBritain” sign, and Tweet that. The best pictures will be added to this blog.

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