Voices of Britain

Visit: http://voicesofbritain.tumblr.com/

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This project, led by IPPR, isn’t a public sector example as such, but the principles – a simple Tumblr site, video stories, a form and invitation to submit your own story, and a simple Google map – could apply to lots of public sector campaigns:

Voices of Britain is a vital part of the Condition of Britain project, which is a major new programme of work for IPPR.

The aim of this project is to better understand the everyday pressures facing people in Britain, and to explore ways to support the potential we have to overcome these challenges together.

Through the Voices of Britain website, and with the help of People’s Voice Media working across the country, IPPR will hear from people about their everyday experiences, the pressures they are under, and what they need to lead more fulfilling and less pressured lives.

Through these stories, combined with rigorous analysis of the latest data and trends, we hope to generate new insights about ‘the Condition of Britain’ and to define the main challenges for social policy over the next decade.

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