Baggeridge Country Park on Facebook


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From the excellent Best by West Midlands project:

Baggeridge Country Park in South Staffordshire has a Facebook page—updated by the service themselves—that contains everything you want to know about the park and its services. Having a marketable product coupled with a genuine passion for the service has resulted in a successful and engaging social media presence. How many people are interested in the first smooth newt to be found at the park? The answer is a lot, judging by the 1,000+ likes the page has. It’s a great example of how social media can really work on a smaller scale, for a smaller organisation and yet gain significant interest.

Currently, South Staffordshire Council has six Facebook pages, a Youtube channel, a Flickr account and a twitter account (@south_staffs). While the communications officer oversees them, they are updated by a dedicated few personnel who are more involved, passionate and knowledgeable about the services they represent.

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