The Consumer Rights Bill | Improving Consumer Law


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This is a fantastic example of online consultation around a policy with wide public interest – the rights of consumers to redress. But the language – ‘redress’ for example – isn’t very friendly, and the BIS digital and policy team have done a tremendous job to explain what’s proposed in clear English, enable people to comment at different levels of detail, and take the discussion out (using the minister) to BBC Radio, Wired magazine and the huge MoneySavingExpert online forum. Top work.

We think that consumer law is not clear enough – it is out of date, it’s confusing and it’s incomplete.

The Consumer Rights Bill, now published in draft, will bring together, improve and update consumer law. It sets out a simple, modern framework of consumer rights.

Core Consumer Rights will be:

Right to get what you pay for.
Right that goods and digital content are fit for purpose and services are provided with reasonable care and skill.
Right that faults in what you buy will be put right free of charge, or a refund or replacement provided.
The Government has published a draft Consumer Rights Bill to enable consultation and consideration of the detail before it is formally introduced to Parliament.

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