The future of high streets: Progress since the Portas Review on Tripline


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The Department for Communities and Local Government used the mapping tool Tripline to plot the location, photos and progress reports on the high streets profiled in Mary Portas’ review. While it’s not exactly a sequential trip, it works well as a way of visualising the spread and background to the stories in each town:

The Portas Pilots scheme harnessed the energy and enthusiasm of local people to breathe new life into their town centres, as it is only when local authorities, businesses and communities work together that things will happen on the ground.

This map shows best practice from the Pilots and from the seven winners of the High Street Renewal Awards, who received this as recognition for the innovative ways in which they have revitalised their high streets.

The progress report ‘The future of high streets: Progress since the Portas Review’ accompanying this map outlines how these towns have tackled their local challenges, what the Government and other organisations have done to support them, and sets out next steps for the future of the high street.

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