Right care, right place, right time: How can we improve health and care for vulnerable older people?

Visit: http://betterhealthandcare.readandcomment.com/

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The Department of Health set up a simple site with six themes each containing two or three questions, inviting public responses to proposals announced by the Secretary of State on the 65th birthday of the NHS, in July 2013 [disclosure: this is currently hosted using Read+Comment, a Helpful Technology service]

Too many people are not getting the care they need to stay healthy and independent at home, particularly older people. We are proposing some radical improvements to make sure our most vulnerable and elderly have the support they need to keep them in better health and out of hospital. We are asking questions about these proposals to capture your views and make sure we get the proposals right.

By clicking on the questions above, this site allows you to view the proposals, read what others are saying and give us your comments.

Your comments will be used to test the ideas and refine the policy proposals. This site is open for comments until 27 September 2013.

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