Increasing staff engagement with social media


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A great PDF summary of the potential for social media to help engage staff in corporate environments – in this case, the NHS:

This briefing discusses four main questions:
• How can social media platforms be used to engage staff?
• What examples of engaging staff through the use of social media platforms already exist?
• What could you do now to increase staff engagement by using social media content?
• What considerations should you take into account when using social media to increase staff engagement?

It is aimed at the NHS human resources (HR) community but will also be of interest to communicators and line managers.
This briefing contains case studies from the NHS and theoretical applications of social media. It is not a step-by-step guide, it is an overview of the different possibilities that social media offers individuals and organisations to increase staff engagement.

Key points:
• Social media won’t be your only staff engagement tool; it is one option when looking at how to engage staff in the work they do.
• Small, frequent reminders of how teams and individuals are making a difference help build staff engagement.
• By monitoring what is said about your organisation on social media platforms, you can begin to use social media to help improve staff engagement and the reputation of your organisation.
• Social media platforms give individuals the space in which to show their professional personality and celebrate the successes of those around them.

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