Code of Practice consultation –


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The team working on central government’s open data store,, are consulting on the code of practice using an interesting paragraph-level commenting system, designed to make it easy to quote sections to provide context:

In May 2010, the Government set out its commitment to formally establish an enhanced right to data. By amending the Freedom of Information Act by means of section 102 in the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, a new statutory duty was set out which means that public authorities must publish datasets for re-use and where reasonably practicable, do so in a re-usable format.

It is important that a new Code of Practice is made so that public authorities know exactly what is expected of them as regards to the amendments to the Freedom of Information Act concerning datasets. The proposed new Code of Practice (datasets) was drafted in conjunction with the Cabinet Office, The Information Commissioners Office, The National Archives, and The Ministry of Justice and sets out what we mean by the terms in the new sections of the FOI Act. It aims to make public authorities aware of their new responsibilities and intends to reduce confusion and bring clarity and completeness for local authorities. We are now looking for your views as to whether the draft code provides the right level of guidance and if there is anything else we need to cover to make this code as comprehensive and as useful as possible. We hope as many public servants and potential users of public data as possible will share their views online.

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