Mark Prisk’s blog


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Mark Prisk, a minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government, is now blogging:

This blog will be a place for me to share my thoughts on the issues of the day, the interesting things I see and do and the new announcements I make in my role as Minister for Housing and Local Growth.

A chartered Surveyor by profession and local MP for more than ten years, I know how important housing is to both our everyday lives and the economy at large. I’m determined to get Britain building again, as well as helping tenants and getting people onto and up the housing ladder. And I hope that I can show you here just how we’re making that happen.

It’s also my chance to listen to you, hear about your experiences on the ground and your views on what can be done to improve housing in this country.

So if you have a comment on any of my posts, feel free – but this is a Government website, so political comments won’t be published. We will try and put up every comment as long as it’s not illegal or unnecessarily offensive.

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