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Digital Health

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The Digital Health site is a microsite run by the digital team at the Department of Health:

These pages are managed by the Department of Health digital, channel strategy and publishing team. They bring together our advice and guidance about how to use digital tools, techniques and channels to help deliver DH objectives. The content is mainly aimed at communications professionals in the wider government and health community.

The digital team run the official Department of Health web presence, including our websites, social media and multimedia channels. And we support policy and communications campaigns – reaching out to our audiences wherever they are online, and making use of internet culture to help deliver our policy objectives.

We use our digital channels to communicate directly with public audiences, NHS and social care professionals, and other influential individuals and groups. We find the best ways to share information, and engage in conversations with our audiences.

We are responsible for the “digital first” channel strategy for the health and care system.

We are a team of digital specialists. Between us, we have lots of experience working on ambitious digital communication campaigns and projects inside and outside government.

We get excited about technology and internet culture. But we measure our success by how far we help deliver the policy priorities of the Department.

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