Domestic violence: an online & offline behaviour change campaign


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While at Cannock Chase Council I was involved in a fully integrated behaviour change campaign which included digital elements – although our audience were highly responsive to face to face interventions this can be analogous to having an ad pop up while talking to friends on Facebook, we wanted to get into people’s social spaces both offline and online. The campaign helped to reduce incidences of domestic abuse and alcohol related violence and remains one of the pieces of work I am most proud of.

When working at Cannock Chase Council I helped to create a piece of work that I am still immensely proud of, for its construction and its overall impact.

Working with the community safety partnership it was identified that the Christmas period has high incidences of domestic abuse and alcohol related violence. Previous campaigns had not really had much impact, and the task was to create a pervasive behaviour change campaign that could see real results.

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