Geraldton 2029 and Beyond (Western Australia)


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Edward Andersson of Involve cites this example of a hybrid online and offline process to determine the vision for a city in Western Australia: “4000 people have been actively involved through world cafés, online surveys, online moderated deliberation, 21st century town hall meetings™, community events to celebrate milestones including BBQs. They have also used the local Newspaper Facebook page heavily.”

From the Geraldton 2029 site itself:

2029 and Beyond is about planning for the future of Geraldton and the region around it. There are a huge number of opportunities for our city at the moment. We need to start planning now so, that as our community grows, we can make the most of the opportunities but can also keep many of the things that we love about Geraldton.

Through the project the City of Greater Geraldton and its partners, will offer everyone a chance to take part in planning and collaboration to create the kind of healthy, sustainable and creative city region our community desires.

2029 and Beyond is a once in a generation opportunity: something very few other city regions have embarked upon.

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