Focus on Enforcement


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The Better Regulation Executive (part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills), created a site for people to report their experiences of the enforcement of regulation in different sectors:

We know that ill thought out regulations cost businesses time and money. So we are tackling this through the Red Tape Challenge. But sometimes the regulation itself is fine – it is inconsistent or inappropriate enforcement that causes problems or could just be so much better.

Help us identify where enforcement can be improved, reduced or done differently and to discover and celebrate where it works really well, so others can learn from it.

We want your ideas for future reviews – tell us about areas of enforcement you would like us to scrutinise in a future review and why.

The best ideas and suggestions for review proposed will be chosen for swift investigation and we will report back what we have found and what action will be taken as a result.

When we have announced a review and a topic is in ‘focus’ we want you to tell us about your experiences of how regulatory enforcement operates in the focus area and how it could be improved or best practice shared.

We will also use this website to provide you with information at-a-glance on national regulators and  local authority regulatory functions.

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