Offline and online Purdah advice for local government by Walsall Council


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Purdah governs the restrictions placed on public sector communications. It also governs social media. These protocols for Walsall Council have been drafted with online and offline channels in mind.

Six golden rules during Purdah

No publicity will be given to matters which are politically controversial.
The general presumption will be that no references will be made to individual politicians in press releases (except where there is a valid emergency as set out below)
Great caution will be exercised before undertaking any significant media exercise unless it can be demonstrated that this was included in the forward diary before the election was called.
No photographs of candidates in the election will be issued
Before any request for council photographs and other materials is considered, enquiries will be made as to the use to which they are to be put and an appropriate restriction on use imposed if supplied.
The position of Mayor as the figurehead of the authority is different and material will be issued, providing it is not of a political nature.

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