Recipe – how to make a social media surgery


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Social Media Surgeries are a way that the digitally unconnected can become connected thanks to volunteers, time, patience and love. The movement won a 10 Downing Street Big Society award. As a way to better understand how grassroots communities are using the web a spell volunteering is peerless. Nick Booth, who helped set up the first, here gives tips on how they work.

I often get asked how you make a social media surgery. Below is a list of ingredients and how you use them.

This recipe is for a standard social media surgery and is ideal for community, voluntary and neighbourhood groups.

Last year I would have said this is enough to serve a city, but since then I’ve got a bit greedy and think that every neighbourhood should have a surgery much like this one. I’d recommend you read all the way to the end before starting to mix the ingredients.

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