A Twitter guide for senior local government officers

Visit: http://www.lgcplus.com/Journals/2011/09/01/x/j/o/LocalGovTwitterGuide.pdf

Click for larger version (ideal for cut+paste into presentations!)

Forward thinking local government LGC magazine editor Emma Maier thought it was a good idea to produce a Twitter guide for senior people. She crowdsourced it via Twitter. This guide is a useful starting point to those just starting or with a few tweets under the belt.

What it is:

Twitter is much maligned in some quarters, with comments such as: “But I don’t want to know what you’re
eating for lunch thanks very much.” Here our contributors explain what Twitter is to them.

A fantastic place to network and collaborate, hear the latest news and views and create relationships with
people that you might otherwise have never have come across.

Twitter is democratic – from the newest recruit to CEXs – everyone can share and learn

The latest, breaking news often before anyone but the source.

Recently I’ve been telling people news that the mainstream media couldn’t confirm for nearly an hour –
alright it made me feel important, ok!

A chance to get your elevator speech to people who you wouldn’t otherwise reach. And to change it, refine
it, and experiment with different ways of explaining why what you’re doing matters,

for more examples and tips