10 rules of thumb for a tweeting MP

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Grant Shapps, a minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government, wrote a useful politician-to-politician guide on using Twitter effectively:

I was surprised to read on the BBC last week that I may have been the first MP to join twitter.

I recall the very moment. Back in March 2008 my wife and I were out for dinner with a good friend who has always been interested in Social Media. He mentioned Twitter to me and by dessert I was signed up.

I’ve posted a tweet or two (sometimes more and occasionally none) most days since.The BBC also reports that over half of all MPs now have a Twitter account and just yesterday I happened to reach my 40,000th follower, so I thought now might be a good moment to jot down mypersonal unofficial rules.

My 10 Rules of Thumb for Every Tweeting MP

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