Digital Engagement for Police forces


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A short, accessible guide for police forces interested in considering digital engagement, incorporating case studies, mythbusters and ideas for applying digital techniques to meetings and other forms of collaboration:

The emergence of cheap and accessible information technology mean that police forces in England and Wales are beginning to use social media sites (e.g. Facebook and twitter) as part of their communications and engagement strategies. At the same time, in our communities, citizens are looking to social media as a platform to comment on or engage with policing.

The NPIA are engaged in an ongoing process to support the police service to arrive at an informed national position about using new technology and media when engaging with their communities.

To support this process working in partnership with ACPO, we have produced Engage: Digital and Social Media Engagement for the Police Service, this document gives an overview of the digital landscape, provides principles for officers who use social media, gives advice around security on line and gives case studies of how forces are using social media to engage with communities.

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