Webchat on personalisation – David Behan

Visit: http://davidbehan.dh.gov.uk/webchat-on-personalisation-3/

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David Behan is a Director General at the Department of Health who has used various digital channels to engage external audiences with social care policy. He’s on Twitter (@DavidBehanDH), blogs on his own blog managed by DH and runs occasional webchats with the support of the digital team, sourcing questions via Cover It Live (an embedded webchat tool) or on Twitter:

On Thursday 12 January at 2pm David will co-host a webchat on personalisation in social care with Martin Routledge, Programme Manager for the Think Local Act Personal Partnership. This presents a unique opportunity for you to ask questions to them both, and to  join the conversation around personalisation.

At the recent Caring for our future engagement, personalisation formed an important topic for discussion, and David and Martin would be particularly interested in hearing from people responsible for commissioning or running social care services, or for embedding personalisation in service provision.

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