Official attributed content policy – DH


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The Department of Health supports staff who publish attributed official digital content, where it can help deliver policy and communications objectives.

This document outlines their guidance to staff who are intending to use semi-official profiles in social media to talk about their work – described by DH as ‘official attributed content’:

There has been a massive growth in the social web in recent years – people are using online channels to have conversations, collaborate, and co-create. Social media (eg blogs, social networks like Facebook or, or media sharing sites like Youtube or Flickr) is now mainstream media.

Social media presents new challenges for governments and institutions because it tends to rely on relationships between named individuals. It is not possible to fully exploit the opportunities provided by social media without personal participation in digital conversations.

And as with any communications channel – whether interactive or not – comments from named experts can give credibility to a point of view in a way that anonymous statements cannot.

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