#nhssm – Social Media in the NHS

Visit: http://nhssm.org.uk/

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#nhssm is a weekly chat on Twitter, organised by people working in the NHS and DH, but not officially endorsed or supported by them. The discussions are captured and published on a separate website, and the discussion is moderated by a small team of volunteers:

nhssm stands for NHS social media.

It is a community-owned resource for NHS staff and anyone interested in healthcare and the web, who want to talk to each other.

It is not run by the NHS, sanctioned by the NHS or officially endorsed in any way.

It’s primary aim is to help NHS staff learn about social media, share ideas and experiences.

The community is facilitated by Alex Talbott, Tim Lloyd and Colin Wren. Each of us help to promote weekly chats on Twitter and offer advice from our relevant fields of knowledge.

The weekly chat on Twitter takes place every Wednesday evening at 8pm (GMT) using the #nhssm hashtag. If you have a subject you would like to see discussed in the chats then tweet us @nhssm or leave a comment on this site.

Here’s an interview with Tim Lloyd, one of the convenors of #nhssm and former Deputy Head of Digital at the Department of Health (though #nhssm was something he worked on independently):

Tim Lloyd on #nhssm Twitter chat from Steph at Helpful Technology on Vimeo.

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