Maps and apps – mobile apps for digital health


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Maps and Apps is a crowdsourcing project run by the Department of Health, which sourced examples of or ideas for great mobile apps to support healthcare. It achieved over 10,000 ‘contributions’ (submissions/comments/mentions) during the period when it was open for entries:

We want you to tell us about the best health apps, and to hear your ideas for new ones.

For six weeks from Monday, 22nd August, we’ll be inviting people to contribute to a conversation about innovation, information and apps for health and care. We want to find examples of the best, most popular existing health apps, and hear your ideas for apps that haven’t been developed yet.

We want to hear from anyone with an interest, whether you’re a patient, doctor, nurse or an app developer.

At the end of the six weeks a panel of judges will choose their favourite apps and ideas to be showcased at an event in the Autumn.

Here’s a short interview with Tim Lloyd, former Deputy Head of Digital at the Department of Health, about the project:

Tim Lloyd on the ‘Maps & Apps’ crowdsourced digital health apps project from Steph at Helpful Technology on Vimeo.

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