London Conference on Somalia: Building Momentum – Matt Baugh


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Matt Baugh is the British Ambassador to Somalia, and his blog – one of around 90 on the FCO’s blogs platform – has become a focus for discussion about British foreign policy towards the country. This post, in advance of the London Conference on Somalia in February 2012, attracted over 1,000 comments from Somalis around the world:

So, the momentum towards the Conference is building. We’re realistic enough to know these are complex issues that will not be solved overnight. We will need to build on and support the work of the UN, AU, NGOs and the vital role of civil society in Somali and we will require sustained political commitment and concrete action, including from Somalia’s political leaders. But what’s agreed in London will be an important step.

Please let me know what you think. Whether you agree or disagree with this emerging agenda – your comments are always welcome, either below or on Twitter using #LDNSomalia.

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