Digital Engagement team skills


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This simple skills framework was developed at BIS to help inform objectives and job descriptions for a digital engagement team with junior, junior management, and team leader positions.

It is based around 20 skills areas:

Strategising & Managing

  1. Develop strategic project briefs, including providing constructive challenge and creative thinking to policy/comms colleagues and agencies
  2. Prepare digital engagement delivery plans for policy/comms teams
  3. Manage delivery of digital projects, co-ordinating internal channels, external agencies and freelancers
  4. Evaluate impact of digital engagement projects and share lessons learned
  5. Handle enquiries and administration around digital projects, e.g. FoI requests, PQs, case study requests and financial management
  6. Horizon-scan for opportunities, threats and risks to digital engagement in the organization and contribute this thinking to team plans and strategies

Networking & Facilitating

  1. Listen actively to online discussion about the organisation and major policy areas
  2. Identify, approach and engage with online influencers and potential partners
  3. Manage engagement with online communities around major policy areas, including moderating online discussion and dealing with conflict
  4. Build links with colleagues elsewhere in the organisation to spot opportunities

Creating & Communicating

  1. Write engagingly and edit content for digital formats
  2. Commission and create effective multimedia content
  3. Be an effective interviewer, presenter and demonstrator of tools and techniques
  4. Share in open innovation as part of the team: writing up tools and approaches, meeting colleagues from departmental family, OGDs and beyond, speaking at events etc

Deploying & Developing

  1. Commission digital platforms and tools to deliver on project plans
  2. Deploy simple digital tools and work with technical colleagues or suppliers to deploy more complex ones
  3. Manage digital platforms in support of project objectives

Coaching & Learning

  1. Deliver coaching and training in effective use of digital tools for engagement to colleagues with different levels of experience and enthusiasm
  2. Learn continuously from colleagues, online and other sources to keep skills and experience up to date and make the most of opportunities which arise
  3. Be a maven for useful information and tools, trends in digital engagement, policy launches, or cross-gov initiatives – researching and sharing these constantly with the tool and where appropriate, with wider audiences

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