Digital Engagement Evaluation Toolkit


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Digital Dialogues, a project commissioned by the Ministry of Justice from the Hansard Society, published a number of reports into innovate use of technology to increase citizen participation. One of its final outputs was a useful engagement evaluation toolkit:

Digital Dialogues was created to spread the knowledge gained by pioneers in the field. Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and delivered by the Hansard Society, Digital Dialogues has identified what techniques and processes support effective digital engagement over a four year period. Through this project, we have been able to develop good practices that can be used not only to successfully engage online but also to assess the impact and value of that digital engagement.(1)

This toolkit outlines a number of methods, providing tips and sample questions that you can adapt to suit a range of situations when undertaking self-evaluation.

At whatever stage of the policy cycle, whether you are seeking to understand public opinion or to involve stakeholders in the decision-making processes, this toolkit will help you to judge whether your digital engagement has provided benefits. Good evaluation helps you to learn about what worked well and what can be improved in future engagement exercises. The toolkit can be adapted for evaluating offline engagement but draws on the key advantages of digital technologies, not least their capacity to provide quick and easy ways of monitoring trends and gaining feedback.

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