Queensland Police: Disaster Management Case Study

Visit: http://www.police.qld.gov.au/Resources/Internet/services/reportsPublications/documents/QPSSocialMediaCaseStudy.pdf

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In the field of digital engagement in a crisis Queensland Police are talked about in hushed reverential tones. This is what happens when you have a flood, a cyclone and then an inland tsunami that wipes out the corporate website and a whole lot else besides. People turn to Facebook. They ask questions. They spread rumour. Thankfully, Queensland Police rose to the challenge and here they share best practice. This is essential reading to any arm of the public sector likely to be faced with an emergency.

If you are not doing social media, do it now. If you wait until its needed, it will be too late.

Rethink clearance processes. Trust your staff to release information

Add a social media expert to your team. While there should be shared responsibility for uploading information and moderating social media sites, expert technical advice and trouble-shooting will be necessary from someone with an IT background.

Do not treat social media as something special or separate from normal work processes. It should be integrated as standard practice.

Do not use social media solely to push out information. Use it to receive feedback and involve your online community.

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