How Yammer can help local government innovate


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Yammer is an internal social network that helps you engage with staff. A giant water cooler it’s more work-focused than anything and asks the question: ‘What are you working on?’ This case study btalks of how Walsall Council used it and features research on what kinds of things people were talking about.

“Yammer?” a colleague once asked, “isn’t that a Black Country word?”

Actually, no. It’s a web-based platform to allow people from the same organisation to talk to each other.

Used by 80,000 comanies as of Septrember 2010, it’s a way of sharing ideas, links to useful websites and for asking for help to crack a problem.

You need your organisation’s email address to access it so it’s a walled garden to allow discussion that cuts across directorates and teams.

The best thing of all?

It’s free.

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