Walsall 24 – a ‘day in the life’ on Twitter

Visit: http://www.guardian.co.uk/local-government-network/2011/mar/29/walsall-24-tweeting-local-council-work

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Walsall 24 was a campaign that won gold in LGComms 2011 annual awards. A cross-section of everything the council did in a 24-hour period was posted to Twitter from a variety of platforms. Overall, an online audience of 120,000 followed on Twitter alone. This explains the thinking behind it.

We’ve all heard from the bar room expert who tells the world all the council ever does for them is empty their bins. It’s true local government has never been that great at explaining what we do, but now as never before we need to remove those urban myths.

We do thousands of things every day to improve people’s lives. Why not tell people?

That’s the simple idea at the heart of the Walsall 24 experiment. Starting at 6am we used Twitter to give real time updates to give a snapshot of what we were doing across a 24-hour period.

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