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Opening up social media is one of the biggest challenges the public sector has. Carolyn Mitchell hitthe nail on the head when she quoted a police officer who spoke at an unconference in Scotland.

During the conference we covered all the usual topics – which social media channels for which job, community engagement, security issues, publishing and monitoring tools, social media use in emergencies, QR codes and location tools etc.

However the line that blew me away came from the Gordon Scobbie, the Deputy Chief Constable from Tayside Police @DCCTayside. He encourages his staff to use social media, even bobbies tweet on the beat!

“I trust my staff with a baton. I trust them to remove your liberty. Why wouldn’t I trust them with a Twitter account?”

When I tweeted this line after he said it @jonbolton came straight back with “We trust social workers with care & protection of most vulnerable people. We need to trust them with socialmedia”. We’d obviously hit on something.

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