Red Cross toolkit for social media


Red Cross - photo credit Gematrium on Flickr

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The US Red Cross have a Google doc that sets out their approach to social media. It’s useful to take a look at it if you are thinking of honing your own approach.

This handbook is meant for all Red Crossers interested in how social media can help us deliver our mission critical services.

This information will familiarize you with our national social media philosophy, invite you to find, join, and participate in our national social media presence, and guide you in creating your own local social media presence.

You’ll find steps to adopting a social media strategy, best practices from your fellow Red Cross units as well as from outside experts, and an explanation of various social media tools.

We’ve included a powerpoint presentation for you to use however you’d like. Feel free to use the whole thing, cut it up, and/or rearrange it. It’s meant to be a tool both for you to learn from and for you to teach others.

We love building online communities using social media tools, but make no mistake, adopting a social media strategy at your local unit is a significant commitment of your time both daily and long term.

We think it’s worth it, but plan accordingly!

Photo credit: Gematrium on Flickr

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