Alastair Campbell on social media:


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Few helped create the era of ‘spin’ than former Downing Street communications chief Alastair Campbell. So when even he says that era is over it’s time to take listen. This clip and blog on the future of public relations sets out where communications is headed. The future is bright. The future is social.

“You’re not necessarily going to connect with people on day one. You’ve got to do it day two and day three and day four and day five and you just never stop. And so you communicate and you connect over time,” he says.

Gone are the days of command and control media relations where a programme of activity could be mapped out against media titles. The 24 hours news cycle is almost a memory and the number of outlets has proliferated.

“All you can control is who you are, what you say, how you say, how you say it, and how you put yourself across to people,” says Campbell.

But there is one benefit of working in this newly emerging media environment. Fortunately says Campbell, “The public are much more reasonable than the media.”

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