Credit and store card consultation (BIS)


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The credit and store card consultation [archived] was about raising awareness as well as seeking new ideas from stakeholders and consumers. The consultation takes a layered approach:

– For stakeholders, there was a full 100 page PDF document and impact assessments with traditional response channels or online comment

– For more interested consumers, debt advisers and intermediaries, there was a plain English ‘translation’ of the 100-page document, boiled down in 10 crisp and clear pages, developed by Corinne Pritchard of Simply Understand – plus a 3 minute podcast summary highlighting the six key proposals

– For people with a more passing interest, there was a simple poll which let you find out about the six main areas, and see what the hottest issues were for other visitors

There was some extra online engagement around the consultation too, from the launch on GMTV by MoneySavingExpert’s Martyn Lewis co-ordinated by the Press Office to the discussion thread in, taking the discussion out to where credit card users were already talking and in which the policy team were actively involved.

The consultation saw over 24,000 page views, 4,400 poll votes cast, over 720 comments left from credit card customers, in addition to feedback from stakeholders and discussion on the external forums. The feedback informed the Government’s response, which was also published in interactive form online with a video, podcast and plain English version.

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