Twitter to help answer questions and queries


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Twitter has often been used as an extension of the comms team. This case study shows how it can be embedded into an organisation to help answer questions and queries.

In October last year colleagues of mine in our customer service team took over responsibility for replying to enquiries we received through Twitter. I’d like to say it was my idea but actually the desire to do this, and the foresight of how it could be developed, came from customer services.

And the reason I’d like to say it was my idea is because, four months on, it’s been working brilliantly – I’ve been surprised by how brilliantly. Enquiries are up, feedback has been great and we’ve had several people who, having come to us to complain on Twitter originally, have been so pleased with the speed and manner of the response that they’ve ended up complimenting us and telling their followers how great we are.

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