Larry the cat: a year at Downing Street


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In a smart move, the Downing St digital team marked a year of Larry the Cat’s tenure at Number 10 with a Flickr gallery. If there’s one thing that gets engagement in social media… it’s pet photos. Compared to the average of a few hundred views for most Downing St images, the Larry saw around 25,000 views in a month, supported by engagement via Facebook and Twitter (which helps raise the prominence of other, more serious, Number 10 stories in newsfeeds as a result):

5th February marks one year of residence at Number 10 for Larry, Chief Mouser – the first cat at Number 10 to be bestowed the title officially.

Larry was recruited from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on recommendation for his mousing skills.

There are lots of cats and dogs still at Battersea who need homes. Take a look at their website:

Larry has captured the hearts of the great British public and the press teams often camped outside the front door. In turn the nation sends him gifts and treats daily.

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