FCO: Human Rights and Democracy Report

Visit: http://fcohrdreport.readandcomment.com/

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The FCO published its annual global review of human rights issues in commentable form in 2011, reducing production costs, enabling easier updates as situations changed (e.g. across the Middle East) and promoting sharing and commenting. Amelia Bate from the FCO blogged about the project

This report covers the FCO’s human rights work throughout 2010 and was presented to Parliament on 31 March 2011. It has seven sections: six thematic sections and a section looking at human rights issues in more depth in 26 countries. We will provide quarterly updates for these 26 countries so you can follow human rights developments and see what action the UK is taking.

You can read, print, share and comment on either the whole report, or the individual sections that you are interested in.

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