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Oliver Morley, Chief Executive of The National Archives, kicks off a new group blog for the Archives:

I feel rather privileged to be the first person to use our new blog, where people from across The National Archives will post about their work. There’s a wide range of activity that we’re involved in, and I hope this blog will really convey this to everyone we work with. From the incredible variety of our collections, to the challenges of collecting digital records; from the rigour and attention to detail in the legislation we publish to the painstaking work of our collection care department, this is the place to get more of a flavour of what we do.

We’ll be posting three to five times a week, and we’ll all reply to comments as quickly as possible, so welcome to the blog, and we hope you find what we do as interesting as we do. By the way, because it’s important that we manage Freedom of Information requests properly, we ask that these are made using our existing online contact form and not via blog comments.

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