Money Saving Expert discussion on community buying


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Straightforward partnership with to get discussion going in the forum about the new policy on community buying and collective purchasing:

As part of its consumer empowerment strategy the Department of Business is launching a ‘Guide for Community Buying Groups’ to encourage discussion and help people come together to get better deals.

Community buying involves groups of people combining their buying power to purchase goods or services together and get better deals from shops and other suppliers which can lower costs for businesses and consumers.

This already happens in heating oil and food cooperatives and the government wants to help it expand to energy, insurance and more.

The Guide for Community Buying Groups is for people who are looking into setting up a scheme in their community talking about the benefits, problems and how to get organised.

The interactive microsite for blogs, discussion and news is launching at 1pm on Wed 7 December and will run throughout 2012.

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Have you tried to collective buy goods and services? How did it go?
Would you like to shop this way? What’s putting you off?

Report your experiences and stories below and the government will read your views.

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