Barnet PledgeBank


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Barnet Council commissioned a version of MySociety’s PledgeBank platform to encourage neighbours to come together to host street parties, agree to grit their road or other community-spirited endeavours, offering tools or insurance or other practical help if a certain number of people agree to get involved:

Barnet Pledgebank can be used to gather together people to get projects done. These can be tasks such as clearing snow and ice from pavements in the street, painting over graffiti or setting up computer classes in your area.

The website is based on the simple principle that the person making the online pledge will work to make it happen “but only if” a number of other people commit too.

Pledges don’t have to be started by the council — organisations, schools, community and volunteer groups can all get involved. Submit your pledge ideas.

PledgeBank is designed to help residents passionate about doing their bit for the community. By working together, we can offer services that are popular and worthwhile.

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