Essex Thameside rail franchise: web chat


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Webchats aren’t just a tool for ministers and elected officials. The Department for Transport has organised webchats with lead officials on key programmes to engage with online audiences, in this case using CoverItLive, a free hosted tool embedded into their website:

On 17th February 2012 the Government launched a consultation seeking views from stakeholders on the specification that will be provided to shortlisted bidders for the next Essex Thameside rail franchise. The new Essex Thameside franchise is due to begin in May 2013 and will be based on the services presently operated by c2c.

On Wednesday 4th April 2012 between 12:30-13:30pm, DfT officials David Rowe and Paul Lawry hosted a web chat to discuss the consultation and objectives for the franchise.

Hat-tip: Tommy Baines

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