Monmouthshire Youth Service – Facebook


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Great example of a council youth service using Facebook as the managed hub for communication with the young people they work with. There’s an interesting write up of an interview with the youth worker behind the page here:

If, for example we have a project launch we would post a video to get people interested. Young people will help with the making of that video and then they can tag themselves if they’re in it, ‘Like’ it or give opinion on video or project itself.

At activities I take photos and post a photo album – they tag themselves which will appear on their profile.

I use Facebook for organising proms – in the case of the Caldicot School Leavers Prom 2011 I set up a separate business page and every student in that year (bar three who don’t have Facebook) ‘Liked’ it. All ticketing is done through Facebook: I use Paypal going to the community group bank account for the prom tickets so they can all buy tickets through Facebook. Everyone (235 people) bought ticket at Caldicot – if they didn’t use Facebook they got their friend to buy it. When they bought a ticket they were on the guestlist and I IDed them on the door using their Facebook profile picture.

I can keep up with how many are buying and I’ve wasted no time distributing leaflets and saved on printing costs.

Our Health Alliance recently sent ten questions and asked for 500 hundred responses. I posted a Survey Monkey survey at 5pm on a Monday and by the next day at noon we had 416 responses.

I also use Facebook groups for football clubs to promote discussion. A Facebook group is a constant meeting. I get the captain to add all team-mates and we ask questions on where to go using polls. The closed discussion is great because their experience is about bonding and sharing and promoting the team aspect.

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