Ten reasons why NHS CEOs should use Twitter

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Top ten reasons why a senior leader might consider using Twitter, written by the Chief Executive of Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust:

3. You are part of the debate. In fact, you are part of many debates – hearing, learning, shaping and being shaped, steering, correcting, leading or following. General chat, or specific and hash-tagged, you are in the mix, hearing and being heard, and that’s important

4. You will learn a lot from others. Opinions, views and ideas, but also academic papers, newspaper articles, blogs. All of these will be brought to your attention, often hyperlinked and available in an instant. Follow the right people and you cannot fail to be better informed

5. It will ensure you are in the moment. Twitter is immediate, instantaneous and spontaneous, here and now, just like the world we live and work in. You need not miss the moment, wherever you are

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